What can I afford?

The most important thing is to know what you can afford to pay monthly. A 30 year outlook is a safe way to start. There are many calculators out there that can help you determine the “amount” of house you can realistically afford on a monthly basis.

Identify the neighborhood in which you want to live.

The better a particular neighborhood is thought/perceived to be the greater the competition will be for that neighborhood. Also, if the schools are perceived to be better, more families are going to be competing for houses in that neighborhood.

Do your own research on the neighborhood.

There are many websites that offers tips on various neighborhoods across the country. Also, you can try going to your local police department and try to obtain information on the neighborhood that you are thinking of moving to. I like to tell my clients to go and peruse the neighborhood that they are planning on living before making a final decision. Do frequent “drive-by’s” at different times of the day to see what the neighborhood feels and looks like. If possible try and meet your potential new neighbors. Get to know what they are like and what they think about their neighborhood. Another important factor in Georgia is traffic. See what the traffic is going to be like in that area during the times you will be traveling to work, school, or eslewhere.

What kind of neighborhood restrictions am I comfortable with?

Find out the characteristics that you are looking for in your ideal neighbood. Do I want a neighbood with HOA? Check to see what the HOA restrictions are for the various neighborhoods you are thinking about moving to. You may probably know that HOA’s can be very restrictive and expensive in some instances.

Speak to any of our agents

Now that you have narrowed down what you want, it is time to start looking for a house. Sometimes when you find a house that you like and that matches your pocket, many of the criteria that you have set will go out the door. However, we will make certain that we will find you a home that meets the goals and objectives you hope to achieve.

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