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My name is Maria Elena Ponce also known as Malena by family and friends. Growing up I always knew I wanted to have a profession where I could advice, guide and protect people’s interest and dreams. I am blessed to say that my career as a Realtor has made that a reality.

As a full time Realtor I make sure my clients get the proper attention they need whenever they need it.  I commit to be there from start to finish in all the real estate transactions I am responsible for.

I specialize in helping sellers sell their home at the highest possible purchase price and buyers buy their perfect home at a bargain price when possible.

Professionalism, Patience and Knowledge are my key factors to success.  Being fluent in both English and Spanish has given me the opportunity to reach out to more families and help them with their Real Estate needs.  Feel Free to call or text message me at  if you know of anyone that might need my services.

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